Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Going On In Our House

Right now...

Bertie is coming back from a very long day trip to Boulogne with his pupils.

My tummy is not feeling too good - too much picnic food?!

The girls are sleeping - which makes a change, recently they have been popping back into see us many many times before finally going to sleep. Funny the first time, decidedly less so the umpteenth time!

My email box is filling up with requests for our furniture from freecycle - I heartily recommend you try it out! Avoids landfill and declutters your life - wonderful! If anyone has any tips on how to select the lucky receipient of your stuff, I would be most interested to hear!

There are 12 boxes in our kitchen waiting to be packed for shipping and storage. Looking at my hectic timetable this week I am not quite sure when this is going to be achieved.

There is an awful lot of mess. Everywhere.

There are only 9 boxes left to cross off on our countdown chart, ooerr.

I have bought and been given a very exciting selection of books for Guadeloupe, and it is SUCH a struggle not to start reading them now!


bachman said...

Perhaps you could start by not doing a blog, or by putting something in when waiting for a kettle to boil or a saucepan to heat up, and certainly on every occasion that youe feel you want to start reading one of those books...!

bachman said...

Hey, I had no sooner clicked off when I remembered that you ladies don't make such comments in order to receive solutions but just to make us men aware that you have the problems and we can then just sit back and see how marvellously you cope with them!!

Hevs said...

Not do a blog??? What would my audience say?! Fine advice, and even better insight into the female mind...!