Friday, 18 July 2008

Less Than One Week

Packing has now begun in earnest! Our first freecyclers came last night and took the chest of drawers and CD tower and were going to take the bookshelf but decided against it - not before the entire contents of all these three were emptied on to the floor! Walking across our floor is now an evern more hazardous occupation. than previously... Have a look at these and have pity on me! Boxes and piles everywhere! I am beginning to wonder how in the world we are going to store them all but Mum is full of confidence - thanks for your encouragement! I am still trying to get rid of lots of stuff where possible and it is great to see what can be recycled. I found lots of information about recycling textiles here so not only do I have a charity shop pile but also a pile of unwearables for the Islington Recyling Centre.
Can you believe that these coat hangers (the photo does not do the amount justice!) are only half of all we own? Why so many?? Even more worryingly, we had an item of clothing on every one of them, and occasionally still didn't have enough hangers! Conclusion: we own too many clothes!
We debated whether it would be cheaper to ship LissaLou out rather than take her in the plane but decided we would miss her cheery smile too much!
Our countdown chart is filling up - very misleadingly, it counts down till our flight to Guadeloupe, when in fact all the hard work has to be done 5 days before!
The worst of it is trying to pack with CassCass around. LissaLou is at nursery and Baby JoJo just lies happily cooing most the time, but CassCass has to touch every single item, take everything out of the box it is in, push each pile is such a test of my already limited patience! I am looking forward to having time again to play with her and read endless stories. (Or am I just dreaming?!) However, we did manage a bit of creativity this morning and created this masterpiece - don't you just love the photo!
And entirely unrelated but yesterday we had the pleasure of a visit from our Pastor's wife, just a few weeks away from giving birth. Don't she and Baby JoJo make a lovely couple?


bachman said...

An excellent pose from JoJo - looks so mature and knowing exactly what you are doing and wanting to make sure he's the star!

Mum said...

It'll all be worth it in the end.Good button work by Charis - and good photography by her mother!