Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Four Months!

This baby continues to grow and delight us as he delights in the world around! Rather hard to keep him still long enough to take this photo! He is still an excellent sleeper and eater, although he has started getting much more distracted by the world around when he is supposed to be enjoying his milk!
He is also an active baby now, constantly kicking his legs and waving his arms around. He is getting much more control in his neck and posture, and stands really firmly if you hold him on his feet.

He will grasp at anything that comes within reach - as the girls have discovered to their dismay, finding their tempting curls wrapped tightly in his little fingers! Mine too, for that matter... He will also grab at the toys hanging down on his mat.
Just like everyone else in the family, he is a very chatty soul, cooing and ahhing away for hours. If you want to get him to chuckle and almost burst with joy, just tickle him under his chin!

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Grandma said...

He is gorgeous!