Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Lessons I Have Learnt This Week

It is my last night here in our flat (ahh!) and I am surrounded by boxes and not quite so much mess. It is getting there - and with only 36 hours before we set off, it needs to get there even quicker!

I have picked up some useful tips for the future during this rather stressful period.

1. Don't move house
2. Don't buy so many things (I will certainly give each future purchase lengthy consideration to see if I will be glad to pack/store/ship it!)
3. Don't book your baby's final immunisations on the day you are packing up the house (poor JoJo had three jabs, and I have never seen him so upset as this afternoon. Thankfully his first dose of calpol did the trick)
4. Don't forget to arrange for someone to disconnect your gas cooker - we did!
5. Don't try and lend your car to anyone for a lenghty period - the insurance companies don't appreciate such behaviour and make finding insurance practically impossible
6. Don't try and sort out such insurance policies the day before you leave
7. Don't try and pack up a one bedroom flat with 3 under 5s wandering around
8. Just face it, nobody wants your old sofa
9. Say yes to every offer of help! Mum with the girls and Lloyd and Rufin with the lifting and transporting were lifesavers today
10. Get someone else to do all the packing.

It's going to take me a year in the Caribbean to recover from all this!


Anonymous said...

I know this is such a stressful time. I am praying the Lord gives you peace and serenity through this managed chaos.


Hevs said...

Thanks so much Shannon! I appreciate it and I really need it! Only 24 hours to go but I think we are making some progress... Look forward to skyping you when we are sorted!