Tuesday, 29 July 2008

On Life Here

Fairy cousins
More cousins

Oh, it is hot hot hot!

Last night we all got eaten up by lots of mosquitoes, must get nets sorted. Baby JoJo is the only one to have one and I doubt they will bite him, as the girls were fine as babies.

We had a very warm welcome from the many relatives here last night - one niece was delighted to learn we are here for her birthday and for Christmas and for Easter...

We enjoyed some delicious sorbet yesterday - not sorbet as you know it, but a calorie-laden ice-cream like sorbet, made with coconut milk, condensed milk and churned round and round in a sorbet-making barrel surrounded by ice and the right kind of salt. I am looking forward to getting photos online sometime.

It is sooo hot!

LissaLou and CassCass are not quite into french yet, preferring to speak in english and trust that everyone understands! It was so cute this morning though to hear CassCass imitating her cousin in french - and hopefully picking up some phrases on the way!

Baby JoJo has been much hugged and loved; apparently he is bigger than his 9 month old cousin!

Did I mention the heat?

At the moment I am interneting at Bertie's sister's house next door, with the infamous Les Feux De L'Amour in the background. This is a terrible American soap, but for some reason everyone here adores it! I did use it to learn french during my year abroad, so I am disturbingly familiar with the characters, 10 years later!

I am struggling away with the azerty keyboard. Slow work!

Well, back to doing as little as possible in this heat!


mum said...

Glad you arrived safely. Did you leave my black cardigan chez FL?
Our computer is out of action - Ali is trying to rid it of 38 viruses at the moment in between his day jobs.
I'm off to Scotland tomorrow - wed 30th . if you need to email use juliettmann@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Sounds like the transition has gone/is going rather well! Shouldn't take long to settle into your new way of life, after all you're pretty versatile and accustomed to acclimatizing to new cultures(Senegal/ St Andrews/ France/ Archway - and now Gwada!)
Love to you all - hope you catch up on all your sleep soon!
Yve x

mum said...

You'd better enjoy the heat! It is NOT hot in Scotland...

Hevs said...

Black cardigan should be back in London with Lloyd now - he thought he would be able to drop it off but i can email and remind him, for you. Bon voyage, say hello to my beautiful scotland, not to mention Marion!
Lovely to read your comments Yve!

David C said...

So... you forgot to mention, is it hot there? ;-) Glad you had a safe trip. :-)