Friday, 18 July 2008

Sports Day

We visited the beautiful Highgate Woods for our Sports Day and unlike the non-stop rain of Bertie's Sports Day one week ago, we had lovely sunny weather. Phew!

LissaLou proved that she is her father's daughter by winning the run as fast as you can to the other end of the track (100m sprint perhaps?) - here is her victory photo!
During the filming of the above race, CassCass managed to attack 6 biscuits brought back from France the previous day be Bertie! Not surprisingly she didn't manage any lunch...
The other two races were the egg and spoon (which became pan and ball for nursery!) and the sack race (so funny to watch! but this became bouncing along for the littlest ones)
LissaLou lost her hat in the first race and came near the end, but went very steadily on this bouncing one to come third or fourth. Good for her!
Mum joined us for the picnic lunch after the racing - neither of us were brave enough to go in for the Parents' race (Bertie will have to attend next time!)
LissaLou and her BF at nursery Afterwards the entire school descended on the playpark - my sincere sympathies for any mums enjoying the tranquility beforehand! Baby JoJo got his first swing in the special baby swings, and had a great time with LissaLou pushing him.

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