Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Sunday was a pretty busy day - it began somewhat earlier than usual with our church AGM, which we were only half an hour late to! The service then had the special occasion of Baby JoJo's dedication. Plenty of our friends made (in several cases considerable) effort to come and it was really lovely to have them there. A big thank you to you all!
LLCoolJ kindly entertained the childrenPreparing for his big momentDuring which he was a very chilled baby!Enjoying the rest of the serviceSt Andrews GirlsSqueezing in a little autograph hunting! See here for more details...
Baby JoJo and his uncle
Taking all this posing very calmly!
Don't we ladies have great colour co-ordination?
Oops, what happened to CassCass?!
Thanks to Mei-Li for the very trendy shirt Baby JoJo wore - Bertie is getting quite jealous of his extensive wardrobe!

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Susan said...

It was a lovely day! So glad we could be there, and great to see the photos! Also really nice to see Judith again - shame it was such a short visit! (At least Samson got some more work done though!)