Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Farewell To My Spiritual Mentors

One of the highlights of my week for the past four years has been the Thursday morning Bible Study I go to. Made up of mums, mostly stay-at-home ones, it has been such a wonderful place for delving deeper into the Bible. Us mums have difficulty getting to hear an entire sermon (or even any of it!) on Sundays so the spiritual refreshment this group provides is invaluable. It is not only a wonderful place for getting tons of practical advice on applying biblical principles to life as a mum, but also for gettng tips on potty training, weaning, what toys to buy...oh the list is endless! And as some of the mums have older children, it is great to listen to the advice for what lies ahead...

As all you other stay-at-home-mums know, it is particularly encouraging to have other folk in the same position as yourself, reminding you that you are not so odd after all, and that your answer to that constant question "So what do you do?" should NEVER be, "Well, I'm just a mum..."

So a great big THANK YOU to all those who have made it such a delightful and beneficial place to be in so many ways! Particularly of course our wonderful leader and hostess (also the best cake maker I know!)
This year we were particularly blessed to have a dedicated Creche Manager, allowing us mums to devote ourselves to the unravelling of Jeremiah, 2 Timothy, spirtual disciplines...Thank you so much! And here are some more of our lovely members and children

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