Sunday, 27 July 2008

Finishing In France

We have had a lovely few days with the relatives and enjoying the sunshine. Baby JoJo has been much adored - their favourite word to describe him is "baraquƩ" which means, well, solid! The girls have spent their time outside mainly on the swing and picking up lots of bobos. I even managed to read a bit (very good book on Simplicity by Richard Foster - I would like some in my life!); We have been fed to exploding...All very relaxing!

This evening we packed all our 8 cases - I think we are near the top of our 160 kilos limit! And tomorrow at 2pm we are finally...Going Gwada!

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Susan said...

Aha! So that is why you weren't answering your phone ... !!! So, you've gone! Almost ... but not too far in this day and age. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing your photos over the coming year - and will we be having a welcome back party this time in 2009?!

Bon voyage, and our thoughts, prayers and good wishes go with you!