Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Uh Oh, Two Weeks To Go...

LissaLou asked today how long till we set off, and on hearing two weeks replied, that's a long long time! Oh, to have the perspective of a four year old! Still, I have upped the tempo a bit and the list is shrinking rapidly, hurray! It has been helped by the continuous rain which has made the distractions of the outside much less distracting!

Achieved this week...
Change of addresses all completed
Starting to cancel some direct debits (there's a nice feeling!)
Some toys for journey purchased
Some reading material for my year purchased (an even nicer feeling!)
Boxes ordered - they just need collecting next week
Suitcases picked up from parents
Started distributing the bags and bags of children's clothes scattered around the flat
Nice colourful countdown poster on the fridge
Reunited items with their original owners

We also took CassCass back to the dentist for a check-up - it looks like her teeth are fine, and in fact the one that got pushed in seems to be coming out again.

Still to do...
Packing! This will require several lists (I love it!) for
1. Entertainment and kids' stuff for our train trip
2. Clothes etc for our stay in Paris
3. Suitcases going to Guadeloupe - if I am really organised we ideally won't then need to open them in France!
4. Box up stuff to ship
5. Box up items to leave at parents
6. Offer around to all and sundry our wordly goods
7. Chuck
I have to say I am looking forward to this decluttering, as I often feel overwhelmed by all our stuff in our little flat! Simplicity is the word...
Car - we will leave it to our church for general use so we have to sort out insurance and change the registered keeper
Keep on cancelling direct debits when the final payment has been made
Buy some summer clothes
Buy colouring books etc for the journey
Baby JoJo's final immunisations

This weekend we have Baby JoJo's dedication (combined with the AGM at our church which starts at 9am!! Eek...) and ever the hopeful, I have organised a picnic at the Heath. Unfortunately, for the last few days it has done nothing but rain rain rain. Oh dear! BBC 5 day forecast has given me hope, with a bright yellow sun for Sunday. But when is that ever accurate?! Watch this space... or rather watch the grey skies!

Oh, and you remember how I mentioned that everything in our flat is falling apart? Well I really wasn't exaggerating! Our landline has been the latest victim, with no tone. BT couldn't say whether it was an internal or external problem, and could only offer to send an engineer round to check - for the princely sum of £115 if it is an internal problem! Pay such a sum for a working landline for 2 weeks? I think not... So please don't be offended if you have left a message and I didn't get back to you or you ring and it always comes up as engaged. Just use the mobile - or leave a comment!

And finally, thanks to my big bro I have got SiteMeter working for the blog - now I can see again just how many of you are so kindly visiting...and start wondering again just when someone will comment...!


Becky said...

Came to have a look at the performance photos - your mum mentioned them on our social group on UKS - your daughter was a beautiful butterfly! Good luck with all the organising over the next two weeks, and hope the journey goes well.

Mum said...

All these lists! You are your father's daughter! he's even got me making lists now, in fact I have a notebook like you used to...

bachman said...

Sitting in your flat this morning with Mum I remarked, "This is where I would be panicking...!" Your kind mother then encouragesd me by replying, "You'd have been panicking for a long time by now...!" I'm sure you are just as encouraging to your dear spouse!! Still, no doubt she's right.

Hevs said...

Thanks for visiting Becky!
I am indeed List Queen mum! And as for panicking, nah...I have soaked in some of Bertie's west indian laidbackness which hopefully will stand me in good stead over there!

Anonymous said...

heather, do you have skype? I just got it. Its free and we could talk to our hearts delight for free. Our time zones might even be more in sync so we could both chat in the daytime.