Sunday, 25 May 2008

Back At Kenwood

The day began badly, with a police tent situated next to our flat and police and forensics swarming all over our estate, following shooting early that morning. The victim has been hospitalised and we hope it isn't fatal.

After such happenings, it was refreshing to head out to the beauty of Kenwood. This time the rhodedendrons were out in force for our friends to see and were much admired by us all. It was quite...challenging keeping an eye on our very active girls (2 four year olds, 1 two year old and one 18 month old) so we were very thankful to have the Grandmas with us to watch over Baby JoJo and the buggies, as we kept running off in various directions - mostly after CassCass, who is struggling with the concept of obedience. Very exhausting for me, but presumably good exercise!

We began with a nice cuppa and cake to give us strength for the afternoon ahead, whilst the girls chalked the stones (it was a beautiful day, but the torrential rain since has no doubt washed them all away!)
Whilst the Grandmas study the latest Royal wedding in Hello
We then moved on to our picnic spot

Baby JoJo was happy to kick around on the mat "Catch me if you can!"
So cute! Gorgeous girls!

The afternoon included a bit of nature studyBefore heading off for some rolling down the hill (we did this when we were this big too!)Closer... ...uh oh, too close!
The day of course finished with ice creams before we headed home. Thanks to the very kind bus driver who waited for us to run along the road and get our entire party on.


mum said...

wow thatsa good action photo Heather!

Susan said...

Hmmm. I think I was even bigger than that when I last rolled down a hill ...!