Tuesday, 6 May 2008

East London Meets North

It's always lovely to have friends over, and we were delighted to introduce them to Baby JoJo, who slept peacefully on them for hours. One great motivation of having visitors is that the flat gets cleaned, and on this occasion the sunny weather meant so did the balcony - thanks to Bertie and LissaLou's efforts. In fact such was LissaLou's excitement at her visitors that she checked the door three times to make sure they hadn't arrived! CassCass was convinced it was Tatie Evie come to visit! Enjoying hours of conversation and a sleeping baby
Who on awaking had a great time smiling away at his newest fan!
Spot the bookworms! LissaLou could have spent ALL afternoon listening to stories but finally allowed us to do a bit of chatting too!


APE said...

Baby must have been bored by the conversation going on...better fall asleep than listen to daddy's bla bla bla!

Susan said...

It was a lovely day! Glad to finally have a minute to catch up on your blog - it's been nonstop since we saw you! Trust you to have a picture of me reading!! (And I told LissaLou she was a Princess - glad to see she has a Princess bed - hope there are no peas under there!)