Sunday, 25 May 2008

Team Work

We have been blessed with a wonderful balcony, but recently it has been overtaken by the girls. So we spent an enjoyable morning yesterday putting things to right and sweeping up all their dirt, sorry sausages and mash I think it is meant to be... With our imminent departure in mind, we also happily threw loads of things away. I love decluttering! Afterwards, we celebrated with lunch outside.
I then showed the girls their area - mud and dirt is NOT and I repeat NOT to spread further than the long plant pot on the right. LissaLou negotiated to include a pretty pink geranium in her area, but I drew the line at the rose bush! Within minutes, mud and dirt was spread all over their area. I can live with that!

Speaking of decluttering, I don't know if I mentioned that Bertie has been laughing at my most recent method - dropping dishes and smashing them into smithereens! Evs, you would be welcome to join in this activity! LissaLou is following in my footsteps and dropped a glass bowl of ice cream last week. You will be glad to know the ice cream was more or less finished (wouldn't want to waste some delicious Carte D'Or!) and that brings us down to 5 bowls...

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