Saturday, 10 May 2008

Trent Park

I have visited Trent Park on two auspicious occasions in my life - the Parents' silver anniversary 15 years ago (goodness!) and my wedding reception in the hockey centre a mere 7 years ago. (I hasten to add Bertie has paid many more visits, it being his 'local' golf club, but never to this part.) So it was fun to return there today with the girls for our friend's belated birthday celebrations - his birthday was in January I think, but he very wisely saved the party for the summer months, something I intend to do with our family whose birthdays all fall in the cold months!

Our very kind downstairs neighbours provided the sustenance, bringing us up part of their barbeque last night, and once this had been downed, we went for a walk through the woods to the lake and were very impressed by the scenery and space. The girls managed more walking than we expected, mainly by having a football (purchased this morning by a husband with lots of foresight) to run after on the way, and the thought of ice cream to motivate them on the way back!
Mum pointed out my writing is better than my photos - I know I know, I do not claim to be a good photographer! In my defence, my subjects are often running here there and everywhere, and I am also often hindered by a babe in arms! But hopefully they give you a taste of a very pleasant afternoon! Having said which, I like the composition of this first one!

Bertie & Birthday Boy catching up (and Mum talking to BB's pastor's wife holding Baby JoJo...) of course! (Evie - Ruth did YWAM in Hawaii too!)Woodland fairy princessNot often you get a shot of me on this blog!We had as much fun taking this photo as it looks!Not even the worst photographer can make this girl look bad!
Football amongst the trees - Bertie and a passerby are putting CassCass down for Arsenal Ladies, such is her skill - NOOOO! says I, the diehard Spurs fan!Would anyone be able to identify these pretty flowers?Getting tiredGone is the fairy princess, back to being our little, sorry BIG girl again!


Your mother said...

Oh Heather - it sounds as if I was criticising your photos. That was definitely not my intention. I was only highlighting the excellence of your writing. Please dont leave the photos out of your blog!

Botany queen! said...

I wonder if these flowers are wild roses - or dog roses - dont know why they would be called that.