Friday, 9 May 2008

Messy Play

I have to admit I am not a big fan of messy play - as some of you are aware, I prefer to have a nice and tidy flat! However, every now and then I give in to the requests of the girls, grit my teeth and get out the paint, and face the consequences later! This was one of those days, at LissaLou's request - turns out she actually wanted to paint her nails!They did manage some painting though:Whilst watching them, I had my Great Idea. Why not paint Baby JoJo's foot and hand for his baby book? Why not indeed...let me tell you, such a feat is best attempted with at least one other adult and certainly not with a 4 and 2 year old running loose... In the absence of another adult, LissaLou did manage this photo of the event for me, and didn't even get paint on the camera to her credit! Baby JoJo didn't like it at all, and wasn't very compliant, preferring to keep his fist curled. And then, foolish woman that I am, my Great Idea got even Greater. Why not get the girls to do THEIR hand and footprints??? Oh , the mess, the stress...but we got some reasonable results and I think they had great fun. The next time I am feeling adventurous (and an adult is around!) I will get them to do walking in paint and on paper on the balcony...
I just realised I didn't get photos of the final result - I shall try and remember to put some on later.

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bachman said...

What a brave person you are - it's the sort of thing that I took great efforts to avoid giving you lot to do!!