Monday, 5 May 2008

Fun At The Farm (Part II)

If you have been reading in date order, you may have noticed something vital missing from all these farm pictures - that's right, animals! The girls could probably have spent their whole time playing, but they did enjoy seeing the animals too. Before we go any further, here is my favourite from the day. LissaLou thinks it looks like Father Christmas, and our question is, does it have eyes? Hmm, can't see any from this angle either!These are more what I am used to!Bottoms up! LissaLou practised milking the cow (although apparently it just had water in it)Luckily this cow doesn't kick!
CassCass was delighted to see the horses (no, Bertie wasn't trying to feed her to them!)
I love these photos Bertie took of LissaLou feeding the sheep (CassCass stayed outside in fear apparently!) The hand hovers near, but comes back again, then edges closer and closer until...success! One happy lamb!

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