Sunday, 25 May 2008

A Very Sad Turn Of Events

Wednesday we headed off to the Heath for a fun morning playing with one of CassCass' little friends. Unfortunately, minutes after they arrived, CassCass fell down the (tiny) slide and we realised amongst all her tears that her mouth was covered with blood. So we bombed it off to A&E at Whittington Hospital - I shall sing their praises as we waited but 10 minutes, were seen by lovely staff who were so child friendly, and they also had a lovely children's waiting room that CassCass was very reluctant to leave! Then we waited 1 and a half hours at the dentist for further examination. Finally we were sent to another health centre, where nobody was in and they didn't even have the courtesy to leave a message saying so.
The outcome was CassCass chipped two teeth and the front top one has gone up into her gum - ouch. She is on antibiotics to avoid infection (bright yellow stuff - is that healthy??) and they will keep an eye on her to make sure it doesn't affect the positioning of her adult teeth. Hopefully it might get pushed back out again though. She is having difficulty eating - she even refused ice cream! - but that is getting better now. Poor girl! Here is Mum's photo of the aftermath - I haven't succeeded in getting one yet.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry the teeth will grow back fine. When I was five I fell teeth first on the gym floor. They turned black and were shoved up. MY permanents look fine. Im glad she did it with her baby teeth.not happy it happened but at least they are baby teeth.


Susan said...

Poor CassCass! Wishing her a quick recovery! Also ... we've been trying to declutter the last couple of days - it's hard work! I'm such a hoarder!