Monday, 5 May 2008


Not much has happened yet on the Gwada planning front, mainly due to not having any spare time in the day - where is it going to come from, I wonder?! We have accomplished the following however...
Bertie has handed in his resignation (but not yet started counting down the days - that will happen in July he says!)
Baby JoJo has passed his hearing test, and the cold is finally clearing up, hurray!
All three French passports are ready for collection, which will probably happen at half term.
HOWEVER, for Baby JoJo's UK passport, the Home Office decided it didn't like my choice of countersignatory (apparently we mothers are simply not professional, despite our degrees and previous jobs - grrr!) so I have had to select another friend. They didnt even send back the photo, hmph. I suspect that you don't need an extra photo and countersignatory in France as you have to collect the passport in person at your local office. Still prefer their system though!
We sent off the details for LissaLou to go to Maternelle, but they asked for additional information, including proof that Bertie pays his taxes! Can't quite see what interest that is of to them, but there we go!
Bertie has finished his French CV and Lettre de Motivation which apparently you have to send with all job applications and is not like our Cover Letter. For those familiar with the French way of finishing a letter (I assure you most honourable sir of my profoundest respect...), it is written on the same lines, with the first paragraph devoted to telling them how wonderful an institution they are, the second how wonderful you are, and the third how wonderful you will be together! Bertie has produced a sycophantic work of art in my opinion! Now he just has to post them...


APE said...

I'm actually very proud of that it going to hit home we don't knoe but it will hopefully get home by the post!
Still need to call the Mayor and do a lot of other things..when?!

Anonymous said...

I had to write one of these letters for one of my French classes and never was flattering enough for my French prof. I failed the assignment. I guess I would never get a job in France.