Sunday, 25 May 2008

Moving Things Along

I have achieved a few more things on my planning list, here goes...

I contacted the council and have written to give notice for our flat. We have to clear EVERYTHING out, that includes the carpets and floorboards! Otherwise we get a £275 fine. Nice.
I have also written to the home insurance and council tax people. Strangely enough, they have exactly the same address but a different postcode. Why is that?
Bertie contacted the shipping people and for 5 cubit m3 to be taken over, it would come to the grand total of....£3269!!! 10 cubit m3 would be a mere ££5849. Thanks to Dad who worked out what 5 cubit m3 was, and the result is, no, we are definitely not shipping! So I will have to start thinking very carefully about what we REALLY need to take...
I have cancelled various accounts and cards we don't use, nice to simplify life a bit.
Baby JoJo's UK passport form has been sent off AGAIN. Watch this space to see if it finally meets the approval of Her Majesty's Identification and Passport Services.
Half term this week and lots more appointments happening. It is good to see my list turning fluorescent pink bit by bit!

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