Wednesday, 14 May 2008

On The Average Day In Our Flat... can see Baby JoJo sleeping in his favourite position I love the way babies' arms are so tiny compared to their body!
He loves his bathtime (but in the interests of decency, no photos I'm afraid!) and on this occasion actually enjoyed getting dried in his Yoda-style towel
CassCass spends hours making lines with her cars, then someone is bound to come and knock them over, much to her dismay
LissaLou getting creative - this may look like paper to you and me but is actually a meal of fish and chips. Mmm. Apparently she informs me when she is older, she will do all the cooking and washing up. I shall hold her to it!
There is always a sister happy to hold her little brother - LissaLou is getting quite a pro at it, CassCass still needs a bit more supervision, especially as she tends to get bored and thrust him at you to take!

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evie said...

The lining up cars is a schema, she is learning!