Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Another Morning At Pika

Back there again on Tuesday morning! This time it was for a planned get together with my friends that I often meet up with and some of their children. We had a lovely morning - they were very interested in seeing all that grows there and came away with several plants for potting, including one humoungous bush sized thing which only just fitted in the car!

All the children very much enjoyed playing on the swing - their favourite game now is being turned round and swinging giddily at top speed. I hated that when I was little! Papy very much enjoyed having visitors, especially those who had never heard his stories before and stood and listened with interest and appreciation!
Baby JoJo is never happier than when he is with his Papa, and this was about the closest he got as Bertie worked hard at digging and entertaining and chopping coconuts.
I love the way people here always turn up prepared - not just a table and chairs that cunningly fold up very small, but complete with table cloth!
Our favourite gardener strikes a pose!
We took some photos of the group
but this is the nearest we could get CassCass to come!

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