Sunday, 25 January 2009

An Evening Stroll

I remembered to take my camera for one of our regular strolls down by the sea so I thought I would share the results. For a change I focused on the scenery (today's new word for LissaLou!) rather than the family, though I couldn't resist a few of them!

We discussed the differences between a palmier (top left) and a cocotier (bottom right). The plant is one that you touch and all the leaves fold in (don't know if you can see that from the picture with LissaLou's hand!) Bertie taught us previously the song that goes with it - have a go at translating it!: Manzel mari feme pot aw diab'la ka vin

Each time we pass here we wonder if these are crocodiles hiding under the water (like the ones in Happy I'm A Hippo) but no, they are always old tyres! The port by sunset - I was going to take a picture of LissaLou's favourite boat (the biggest one!) but it was off for a sail today
Fishermen on the port - don't know if they actually caught anything!Sunset - time to get going!
We were particularly pleased to discover on our return that after an absence of...20 or so hours, the water was back on!


evie winter said...

I love Cass' jeans and skirt look, very trendy - tho not a bit warm??

mum said...

I'm sure its a cousin of the Loch Ness monster!

bachman said...

See my shadow in Finsbury Park late afternoon two Sundays ago on my latest blog! Thank you for the compliment re accounting - I sure could do with you to return the help favour at present!

Hevs said...

Tee hee CassCass has a very interesting sense of style right now - four tshirts and two pairs of shorts the other day! Perhaps she is chilly!!
Nice suggestion mum!!
Any help i can give you are welcome to dad - perhaps i shall do a post on All That My Dad taught Me re finances!

Susan said...

I've just been catching up ... amazing photos!!

Hevs said...

Thank you Aunty Susan! Thanks for dropping by!