Thursday, 1 January 2009

Timoun En Mwen

Here are the lovely trio enjoying each other's company this morning

Ah, the lovely LissaLou! Always posing beautifully whenever a camera comes in sight!
CassCass is having trouble sleeping at the moment so she is evidently catching up now. She is at that awkward stage where she is really miserable if she doesn't have a siesta but if she does, she doesn't want to go to sleep at bedtime. Plus she is susceptible to nightmares waking her up, so we have tried banning the tv to see if that helps. The jury is still out on whether it did or not!
You may remember how CassCass was attached to my hair and needed it to get to sleep - well now she has moved on to her own hair (though she still enjoys lying down with me and pulling a chunk, ouch!). This is a common sight!
Here are the two younger ones enjoying Happyland together. Pity you can't hear the sound effects, "Mummy! Take Baby JoJo away! He's touching my toys!"
Baby JoJo is nearly always to be found standing now, usually hanging onto someone's legs if they stand still long enough, but the bed will do nicely too
Just occasionally Baby JoJo stays sitting and enjoys playing with the girls' toys (far more than with his own, might I add)
I tried to get a picture of Baby JoJo's 4 teeth for you, by the simple yet effective method of swinging him around and sticking the camera somewhere near his mouth. Can you see them...! I reckon he might turn out gappy like CassCass! I particularly like the second photo with the big bit of dribble hanging off his chin!And here he is with Daddy brushing his teeth!What a handsome lad! Is he still blue-eyed though...


evie winter said...

It was good to chat to you last night, the ideal way to ring in the new year! And I even managed to catch Elton's concert on ITV's Iplayer.
Love Love Love the pix! I stole one for my facebook profile :):):)

Mum said...

Franchement Heather! You have us wondering now! Which hand did you swing him with and which hand did you take the photos with? The mind boggles.
Reminds me of the trouble we had photographing poor Cass Cass'a bobo tooth.
Lovely photos of exactly what we want to see. Please say a big thank you to your SIL