Friday, 2 January 2009

Nou Ay La Pèch

We were supposed to set off early for another fishing trip, but I think that was a bit too much to hope for on New Year's Day when I had a camera to play with, don't you? By the way, I have edited the previous two entries so have another look at them if you wish. Has anyone else been having problems putting photos on blogger? It has been taking me ages!

Mamie got back from Freeeezing cold France on New Year's Eve and here she is back where she belongs next to her husband, who coped surprisingly well in her absence (he was even spotted cooking and washing up from time to time!) She has been telling us about all the different layers she had to wear when she was there, and seeing her breath first thing in the morning. Hmm, no I must say I don't really miss that... When we did finally set off for Le Moule where Bertie's brother lives, the roads were beautifully empty - don't you love New Year's Day! I remember it was exactly the same one year ago when we were going up the A40 to Mei-Li's!

The girls enjoy their car journeys particularly when they get their choice of music (which is all too often for their poor parents!). Dad will be delighted to know that their preferred CD is...What noise shall we make! But their favourite songs are Hosanna and Jesus Light of the World, one of which they were bellowing out as I took this photo.

The coast has been beautifully arranged in Le Moule, which a long promenade of paving and lights meaning it is a popular place in the evenings. The sea is very rough though, so only interesting for surfers.
The three stoo...I mean the three Fishermen! Bertie's older brother in the middle and his nephew on the left.

I gave Bertie the camera so there were no pictures of us ladies left behind with the kids. What was meant to be a short fishing trip turned into a good four hours, and we idled on the grass of a pleasant picnic area in the middle of nowhere, watching the girls and their cousin run crazily around and Baby JoJo try to eat grass and rolling down the hill. The occasional car passed in the distance but otherwise there was absolutely no one there but us and a bull and several cows. Oh, and strangely enough a dog with a collar, who stayed in the same place all afternoon. Perhaps he was waiting for his owner to return?

As Bertie had the camera, the shots were not quite what I would have taken, but there you go! Here is his brother in a real action shot. He caught one fish which we took home to fry but other than that they only got small ones that they threw back in or used as bait.

And his nephewHere also the sea was incredibly rough and when we walked up to the top of the hill to look down on them, we got soaked by the spray even at that distance. We also got a fine view of the island of La Desirade.
Bertie's nephew adores Baby JoJo and is very gentle and good with him, so it is great to watch them together. Can you see the scary bull just in the background on the right?Bertie's Dad has a piece of land in Le Moule which we visited afterwards. The siblings all have a choice of having a piece of this or a piece where we live. I think we are going for the latter, but Le Moule is a lovely town and the land very tranquil so it is also tempting! Bertie remembers staying in the house they had there (just a kaz en bwois - wooden house) when he was younger and walking down to the sea in the evening for a bathe. The house got blown away in a hurricane and there used to be a lot of sugar cane and other produce there, but this too has disappeared.

The evening was spent dining at their house, giving the girls a chance to play with their cousin a bit more and enjoy her beauty set, doctor's kit and huge blackboard! They didn't want to leave, but both the little ones fell asleep in the car and LissaLou said as we arrived home, "my eyes are so tired they are shutting!"


Mum said...

What a lovely picture of Mamie and Papy - it made me away- sick to see them!
The sea would be rough at Le Moule as it is the Atlantic Ocean coming all the way from Africa with only La Desirade as a windbreak. Its the same in parts of Scotland and Ireland which are open to the Atlantic.
Again many thanks to sil for the loan of the camera.

Missus Wookie said...

Nice to see photos again :)

I make the photos 6x4 and 72 ppi in graphic convertor (a graphics package) before uploading so they are very small. That works quite well so far.

Hevs said...

Yes i like this photo and have promised them a more professional one when Evs is here!
Thanks for the suggestions Mrs W, now i just have to work out how to do such a technologically advanced thing...!