Friday, 23 January 2009

Ti Bou

Our long-awaited birthday trip to Ti Bou arrived on Wednesday amongst much trepidation. Would the weather be ok, after days of rain....would it actually be open given all the strike action....would we survive a full day there with our three and niece and LissaLou's classmate... would we have another car to be able to get everyone there and back....

Happily God answered much prayer on the subject (on my part anyway!) and it was yes to them all in abundance, as we enjoyed a beautifully sunny day in a very quiet Ti Bou (a few people were there at the start and the end of the day but otherwise it was just us, as if we were in our private garden and park!). LissaLou's friend's mum also came and it was lovely to have an extra adult, an extra car and her conversation. The girls all enjoyed a fantastic day and we came home six hours later (I think it is fair to say we got our €12 worth!) tired and happy.

First stop there was the farm, with a selection of expected, and slightly unexpected, animals. Would you expect to see a camel in the West Indies!
Then on to the play section, with lots and lots of trampolining....And scampering on the bouncy slide. This was new since our last visit and involved going through a mini obstacle course to get there! Here was CassCass, very pleased with her effort!Does this take anyone back a bit... Yes, it is CassCass two years ago with Tatie F-L in the very same place!I tried to recreate the shot and look what I got! Actually, there were a lot of tears from her in the first couple of hours for some reason but she was the picture of happiness after we had eaten!Another blast from the past! CassCass in the ball pit...And now Baby JoJo in the ball pit! He wouldn't lie down for love or money - then I discovered it was wet, so no wonder!This was the nearest I got to recreating the shot with CassCass!Baby JoJo was delighted to make his first visit to a soft play place. And so were we....until the whole thing tipped over and caught his finger! Ti Bou is a nice place, certainly for Guadeloupe, but on the health and safety level there is still a lot more that could (and should) be done. What are they doing with their €12.....! Mummy chilling with her not so Baby JoJo

We didn't try this feature during our last visit - go karting!

My niece even persuaded me to get on, and boy was it fun speeding down the track and overtaking all and sundry! Though LissaLou did not take lightly to being overtaken and stopped and wept, nearly crashing our cart in the process. Hey, it could be Formula 1!Keeping up with the big folk...well not quite!
They have one of these in Shoreditch Park, Hoxton!
The girls, especially our niece, could not wait to go into the pool, but we made them eat first to their distress! However, we didn't follow the local tradition of waiting an obligatory two hours after eating before going in, thus saving them further grief!
We had the pool all to ourselves - actually, I didn't go in as I was watching Baby JoJo and keeping warm! LissaLou and her friend showed off all they had learned in their Friday morning swimming classes and then they all bombarded the slide. Unfortunately it was a very unslidey slide, so between their heads disappearing at the top and their feet arriving at the bottom there seemed to be a good two or three minutes!

Baby JoJo enjoyed the water very much, splashing and swallowing alternately!Now LissaLou wants to go back for her birthday but I think we might just have a party instead!


Mum said...

hard work!!but glad it all went well.
I notice the camels look a whole lot better than the ones at London Zoo. Do you remember the mess of their bad hair day?!

Hevs said...

yes i thought of them!

Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun - Judah desparately wants to get the money, to fly on the aeroplane, to go to Gwada, and join in all the fun!!! He tells me he wants to go RIGHT NOW!!!! (knew i shouldn't have let him see the pics!!)Yve x

Hevs said...

Ah, how sweet! He would be very welcome! Put him in Mum's suitcase!