Sunday, 11 January 2009

Birthday Time

There can't be any months without birthdays in this family, but January and September seem to be particularly full. Today we celebrated the second of six (I think!) with Bertie's niece reaching 14. We enjoyed some snacks, a very impressive cake, champagne, truffles...LissaLou managed to get through three glasses of fizzy stuff without me noticing and her tummy was popping out! She almost had to turn down her cake but found room for it after all! Here are some highlights with the birthday girl blowing out her candles in the middle.A rare photo of the photographer! The two girls in the middle are the neighbours with whom LissaLou and her cousin spend as much time as they are allowed! Very sweet girls who are very hospitable to our two girls when they go round, it was nice to see them at the party.
Aha, the cake!
As ever, well at least on Sunday nights during Carnival season, a practising band came marching past and we all crowded on to the street to take a look. Now it is getting more serious and they were out in their masks especially for the occasion. Terrifying! I made the mistake of taking CassCass too close and a few masks came right up to us - you can imagine the result! We shall stay at a safe distance in the future! No such problem for LissaLou, who has been running around with a tissue on her face givin bloodcurdling shrieks ever since!

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Mum said...

We can make some masks when I come.
If its the next door niece, I thought she was already 15!!!
Did somebody make the cake - can't imagine it being bought.It looks a splendid one.
Love the photo of the photographer and CassCass looking so happy!