Saturday, 24 January 2009

Back In Time

Last night we went over to Tatie Nadia's house for the evening, and came back to our part of town and...DARKNESS! The whole of the town was pitch black, no streetlights, no nothing. Well except for those foresighted people with generators of course!

The electricity went off in the evening and came back sometime in the early hours and I must say I am not cut out for living 18th century life without such luxuries! I threatened to return to "civilised" England but was told I would be going alone...! I wouldn't mind so much if it were because of a massive storm or something, but a strike just seems so petty!

Anyway, we fumbled around with candles and discovered the good side of life with electricity - everyone came out onto the verandah and sat chatting by candlelight. This is quite revolutionary as usually you don't see them away from the tv! And I went to bed early - well there was nothing else to do! At least my ipod was fully charged!

It didn't stop there; just before we went to bed the water went off. And as I write at 3.30pm it has not since returned. GRR! Is there not some legal thing that stops people taking away such a basic need as water!!! We had a few bottles of water stored up and happily it rained this morning so Bertie got to take a shower before going to work (actually open!). By the time I finished washing up in one bowl of water I had the feeling that the items were coming out dirtier than they went in! We had a lovely roast dinner though, and if the water ever returns I shall make some stock out of it.

The supermarkets are still closed as are the petrol stations, and there is a huge manifestation in Pointe a Pitre today. We shall what comes of it all.

I have learnt to apply a new truth amongst all this though - make hay whilst the sun shines. If you have electricity, charge everything and blog (!). If you have water, wash and clean everything. If you are fortunate enough to have both, get your clothes washed. If the shops are open, buy buy buy. Right now. Don't leave it till later as you never know what may happen!


Mum said...

I shall remember to bring my torch and some spare batteries!

Mum said...

Talking about the way you were brought up... its a good job I make you have a bath with your clothes on and eat jelly with your fingers to prepare you for all these new experiences!

Hevs said...

Agree to both!