Friday, 2 January 2009

Baby On Steps

We have rather odd little steps all around our flat going from one room to the next (still not worked out their purpose) which were great for a while at keeping Baby JoJo in one room. However he has learnt how to get over them now and this has also allowed him to master small stairs in general! Here he is on the ones leading from the verandah to the terrace area downstairs.

Firstly, is the motivation good enough to get moving? Ah yes, there's mummy, definitely time to head in that direction!

Hands firstThen bring down the first footAnd now the other...and now to head down the next stair, hands first againAnd then the feet, and there you have it!As you can see, it is a great technique for one or two steps, but needs a bit of adjusting before he starts on flights of stairs!


Mum said...

Clever boy! Teach him to come down these little steps backwards then he'll be safe on the big stairs.I like the way you captured each stage.

Mum said...

having watched, HEARD! his London Tatie's reaction this morning, may I just reinforce my suggestion to teach him to come backwards!
And start at the bottom of the big stairs with one or two steps.

bachman said...

He is looking more like CassCass every day.

Hevs said...

Doesnt he!
I would like to assure you that no babes were harmed in the taking of these photos and we will certainly encourage him to learn to go backwards as he develops!