Sunday, 11 January 2009


The cousins enjoying time together Bertie and his Galette
Just overlook the fact that it is meant to be round....Sisters in their usual poseDaddy's girlOur Ghanaian girl She was desperate for this photo to be taken for some reason!Baby JoJo missed most the fun!
But he woke in time for a game of kiss kiss with his cousin!
Family enjoying time together


evie winter said...

Looks like lots of fun! Thanks for putting all these photos up - we have enjoyed looking at them.
All the children are looking great, Liss looks so old! Cass suits her ghanaian dress and joel's hair is really growing too!

Hevs said...

Thanks for all your comments, glad you enjoyed them! LissaLou does look much older now to suit her nearly 5 years! JoJo's hair is even getting curly on the back, shall get a photo one of these days.

Mum said...

I see Hamy in a conspicuous position - I was thinking of making him a little bag to live in, hanging up by his owner's bed. What do you think?

Hevs said...

As of 20 Feb Hamy is no longer to be used except at bedtime, so if you think that is helpful, go for it! I asked LissaLou how she will cope when that is the case, and she replied that she will just wait till bedtime each day. Ah!