Sunday, 11 January 2009

Girls At Play

One afternoon Bertie's nephew entertained his little brother and cousins by playing at being teacher. In true French style, they were all marked out of 20 and striving for la moyenne, but unfortunately only getting ones and twos and even a minus 2! I asked LissaLou how her teacher was, and she replied very nice, although he does shout a lot...Sounds just like her real one!I didn't deliberately catch the finger in this photo but it made me chuckle - just which of the three is it pointing at...Belle returns from chez la coiffeuse Papa visits their shop in Tatie Pierrette's front yard
All LissaLou's colouring and writing has rubbed off on CassCass
Driving off in their car
Biscuits and (soapy) tea - presentation completely LissaLou's!

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grandma the teacher! said...

What great pictures of play! They will be learning so much from it all.I love to see evidence of their imaginations.