Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Day

No big celebrations in our house, though we did manage to see it through to midnight, when we were able to enjoy the many fireworks of Guadeloupe out of our window. Bertie and I took the time to reflect on the questions found here by Donald Whitney, definitely worth your time to look at.

This morning I have been blessed with my SIL's camera so here for the first time in a while are some photos fresh off the press....

Our Christmas tree in all its glory - Bertie made the paper trees with the girls
A close up on some of the decorations - LissaLou painted the stocking at school and the girls and I decorated these frames. Who knows where the one of CassCass has got to...Ah, here it is, hiding away at the bottom of the tree!And under the tree is our special Christmas book box - the girls have particularly enjoyed going through the Jolly Christmas Postman this year and playing with its enclosures. I enjoyed reading The Story of Holly and Ivy to LissaLou a couple of times - no mean feat with 30 pages!Here are our Christmas cards on display in our kitchen amongst the bibs! The towels normally hang there and have been displaced for the meantime.Presents! CassCass' bible, the girls' tea set and baking set from Tatie Felicianne (with some bits gone awol!) Put in batteries and the kettle and mixer really work! Oh, and the shoes of course!
This is Baby JoJo's present, which he looks at every now and then, but is much preferred by CassCass!Not a present but I thought I would put it in anyway. The last two christmases the girls got a cot each for their dolls but we didn't bring either one with us so we did the next best thing and made one. We took the box from one of the above presents, covered it in the wrapping paper from Baby JoJo's present, got some of the white packaging stuff from Tatie Pierrette's new washing machine and covered that in an Air France blanket which someone conveniently left here, and hey presto! Baby Luke and Baby Joy are very comfortably settled in it (reminds me of Esther's twins!)


Mum said...

Evie and I have just printed out a copy of the New Year questions to peruse.
The tree is lovely - definitely not the one on mamie's shelf - it was silver.
I love the decorations and the shoes!
I have bee working hard on getting my new diary up and running. I'll do a blog when its finished.

Mum said...

Not that hat again! You didn't take it with you ? No wonder she ws hiding - although she looks better in it than I did!