Thursday, 10 April 2008

Becoming French Citizens

Armed with photos and every single important document imaginable (you can never be sure just what they will require so better to be on the safe side!) Bertie and the girls set off for the French Consulate in Kensington yesterday. Bertie said it was amazing how God cleared the way before them, as there was exceptionally no queue, LissaLou was great and CassCass only had 2 tantrums, the staff went out of their way to be helpful, and whilst contemplating the huge queue at the post office to get 4 stamps for an SAE (we had to forget something!), a lady kindly gave Bertie 5 stamps from her of charge! Many thanks to her if she happens to read this blog!
The passport applications have all gone through (apparently CassCass has been classed as having green eyes, I am not convinced on that one!) and Baby JoJo has been added to our livret de famille, a highly useful french document which we have just got hold of. My mum even gets a mention on it, much to her delight! Here are the girls at the Consulate:

I looked further into the prices of passports and here are the results:

UK adult £72 French adult £46.88

UK child £46 French child FREE

UK ID card sky high probably French ID card FREE

Er, anyone see a common theme here?! So I am highly tempted to get a french one myself and save us all money by only ever renewing these rather than our UK ones! Would that be highly unpatriotic...??!!

Following the business part of their trip, the girls got to the fun part with a visit to Kensington Gardens and its marvellous playpark, complete with huge sandpit and viking boat.

And what would a day out be without a lolly?

Which apparently lasted an awful long time for some!

Meanwhile, Baby JoJo and I had the most peaceful day and I got lots of cleaning done, hurray! In faith that this snow is finally at an end and spring really is here, I put away the winter clothes and brought out the summer ones. Lovely!

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Anonymous said...

looks like they had great fun. If I were you, I'd definitely switch to French citizenship for the time being although I don't entirely agree with their president loco Sarko.