Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Largo Lassies Reunited

It was great to be able to meet up yesterday with my ex-flatmates from St Andrews, three lovely ladies whom I have now had the pleasure of knowing for nearly 13 years! Their friendship has been so valuable to me, teaching me important things like where milk and meat come from (I was a Londoner born and bred, how was I meant to know such things?!) and how to dry my hands without wetting the toilet seat (270 degree turn if you must know). We have seen each other through studying, relationships, multi-coloured hair, magic pants, phds, weddings, jobs and now have the fun of the kids' stage. This was our last get-together before we set off, so thanks to you all for arranging and making the effort to come, not to mention taking Baby JoJo off my hands for a few hours! Thanks also to the husbands for sitting through the baby talk!


Susan said...

Magic pants!!! Memories!

And, despite it all, none of you have aged a day! What a lovely photo of you all!

Hevs said...

You are too kind! The camera is happily not close enough to show the grey! ;)

Judith said...

Have we really known each other that long? Those days of rotas and kitty and the quoteboard - weren't they fab!
It was lovely to see you all and I will come up to London for a girly chat amidst our kids before you go. Love Judith