Tuesday, 15 April 2008

If You'd Gone Down To The Woods Today

You'd have seen us up and out very early, making the most of the sunshine (minutes after our return home there was a thunderstorm!) and having a lovely time!
Took a while to produce this but it gives you an idea of playing in the sandpit, swinging on the tyre, climbing the big frame (and getting stuck so daddy to the rescue!), driving the tractor to Holland, having sausages and mash in the little house, daddy attempting a cartwheel (he managed it, I didnt manage the photo!), sunbathing, playing in the woods...
Some quotes from the day:
Mummy: are my sausages ready yet? I'm hungry
LissaLou: no, they're not burnt yet (whose cooking has she been watching?!)
LissaLou (talking about one of the dads at the park): he knew I was a girl because I was wearing a skirt!
The man in the cafe apparently bordered on speaking no english whatsoever! I asked for 2 teas please, and with the most pained expression, he asked disbelievingly, "cheese?!!" Needless to say, that transaction took an awful long time!
Sisterly love! (for a sleeping baby!)
We now have our own personal photographer with us - I gave the camera to LissaLous and told her to take one of us, and she did!
Sheltering from a quick shower on our way homeAnd back home, reading our new favourite book, Happy Hippo, for the umpteenth time with Grandma and Verona (thanks Tom and Pam for another fine choice!)


Susan said...

That montage is great - how did you do it? Also good to see LissaLou following in her Aunt's footsteps (phootsteps? photosteps?) - you have a photographer on your hands there! I look forward to seeing her photos from Guadeloupe!

Hevs said...

The montage is possible when you download pictures through Picasa, dont know if it is possible with any other programme? It is pretty straightforward but i kept putting the wrong number of photos and the wrong way round!