Friday, 18 April 2008

Should It Stay Or Should It Go?

One of my dilemmas in planning our trip is what to take with us, especially when it comes to electrical goods. I don't want to have to take too many plug convertors with us! My hand-held blender is a wonderful tool, and as I look forward to baby purees, has definitely booked its place. I am also tempted to take my electric kettle, as from experience the French aren't very into these. However, what about our bread maker? Yes it is big and bulky, but with Chef Bertie in charge it produces such marvellous things, especially now he has purchased this:Indeed, today he produced three of these:So delicious, that within an hour when we thought of taking a photo, there was only this one left! Ah, decisions, decisions!


Anonymous said...

A very good investment that bread maker, I was actually given it for my birthday a few years ago. The book is already proving to be a great success, bought on ebay...a bargain!I we don't take it with us, maybe we could leave it in the good care of our friend JL.

Susan said...

The loaf looks delicious!