Tuesday, 8 April 2008


No, it's not the Wanted poster from your local police station. This motley crew are in fact our usually charming children, and the poor things will be lumbered with these photos for the next five years. We discovered that they could hold French passports in addition to their UK ones and (the deciding factor for me!) they are issued free of charge for children (take note British Passport Office!). So Bertie is off to Kensington to get these sorted.

As ever, the finished product gives you no idea of the considerable time and trauma taken to get there. Whilst LissaLou was snapped in seconds (with due warning not to do the smile that Tatie Evie doesn't like!!), CassCass had a major tantrum and was finally snapped clinging to Daddy's leg with bonbons as her bribe! Meanwhile, poor Baby JoJo was tickled, washed, undressed, called to, squeaked at...all in vain as he slept on! Finally he managed to open his eyes for a split second in between tears, phew! Our thanks and respect to the lady serving us, who actually comes from a neighbouring island of Guadeloupe. (She got a wine gum too!)

I am so thankful that this won't need to be done again for another five years by which time they will all be co-operative and smiley children. I hope.

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evie said...

Hilarious! However I do remember LissaLous more traumatic mugshot being taken the last time.