Thursday, 10 April 2008

Best Friends

In case you hadn't noticed, we are on Easter holidays right now, so there is plenty happening and plenty of blogging material!
Today we had a lovely trip to the Heath with LissaLou's best friend and her family, including a chilly picnic, playing in the sandpit and ice lollies in the cafe:
Arms folded, legs crossed - spot the nursery girls!

One mouthful ice lolly, one mouthful chip! Yummy!
It won't surprise you to know Baby JoJo slept all day!
Learning to skip - I never realised how tricky it was!

1 comment:

juliett said...

All the grandmas stuffing their faces!
its obviously time for another picture of Joel beside baby Luke.
Lovely day at Hampstead Heath yesterday - thank you for inviting me.