Sunday, 27 April 2008

Silly Sausages!

That's what mum has taught the girls to say when they smile for photos (though CassCass yells it out facing completely the wrong direction usually!) I'm not sure if that's what Baby JoJo was trying to say, but here are some attempts at his first smile. Correction, he can smile perfectly fine - here are some attempts to catch his smile on camera!
And at six weeks, here he is holding up his head beautifully: For those interested in his progress, Baby JoJo is now sleeping even more than when he was born (if that is possible!) His heartless mother keeps trying to wake him and get him into some kind of routine, but he is having none of it! He did manage two nights of sleeping 11pm - 6.30am with only one waking - wow! Reduces my blogging time no end though!
He still has this cold he has had since practically birth, and is constantly coughing, spluttering, snuffling, snoring and generally sounding most pitiful. He has failed two hearing tests on one side as a result, so we are off to the advanced test this week. His nose is often running, and in the footsteps of his sisters, he is a most sicky child. Hold him without a cloth at your peril! Because he is either full of cold or gas wanting to come up, he has been wanting to be held lots recently, which means that I have achieved very little, and can be a bit frustrating. Hopefully we can tempt him back onto his playmat and into his chair soon.
In those rare moments when he is awake, he loves to gaze adoringly into his mother's eyes (or whoever else happens to be around!) and every now and then bestow a sweet smile on her, at which her heart melts and she forgets the night wakings, and all the other downsides of newborn days!


bachman said...

The smiley photos are cute. The set of his mouth seems to be in the order of 'I know I am gorgeous to you Mummy, and I'm going to play it for all it's worth because it is just great to lie here and have you run around everywhere for me, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can.'

Susan said...

He looks lovely! Can't wait to finally meet him ... maybe next weekend?!