Wednesday, 30 April 2008

On The Good Side

A few posts ago, I noted down the things I am NOT looking forward to in Guadeloupe (you will also be glad to hear that Bertie filled all visible holes, and despite a scrabbling at the window the following evening, no sign of the mouse since - phew!).

In order to reassure Dad that there are some good reasons for going, I put my mind to drawing up a list of things I AM looking forward to - if there is anything you don't recognise, just ask - or come on over and see for yourself!

Having my own room!
Having a bedroom with a door leading onto a balcony
No damp
Pretty much constant sun
Being able to plan a picnic or trip without consulting BBC 5 day forecast
Not getting fed up at BBC 5 day forecast being so very wrong, again
Palm and coconut trees
Mangos, passion fruit, guavas, bananas picked straight off the tree...for free!
No parking restrictions
No parking attendants
No parking fines
The smell, sounds and feel of the Caribbean
Watching the kids having a great time in the sea, 30 degrees warm
Visiting my favourite beaches - Port Louis, St Anne
Watching the sun set in Deshaies
Accras, colombo, sweet potato, pineapple
Kassav, chi chi on the beach, tourment d'amour, chaudeau, bokit
Not having to endure the sun setting at 4pm and rising at 8am
Making sorbet
Bertie's homemade juice
Just getting together with folk and doing things, not having to book 3 months ahead
Speaking French more often
Getting to know the in-laws
Putting washing out in the morning, taking it in again...that morning!
Drying out in seconds after it has rained
Seeing Christmas and Carnival
No heating bills or coats
Not having to bribe the girls to put their tights on!
Church on the beach
Showing visitors the many delights of the island
Seeing Bertie so very happy to be home


bachman said...

Happily there are more in this list than the negative one, but a confusing point:POS 1) pretty much constant sun; NEG 1)continual heat and sunburn

Hevs said...

Ah, but what a world of difference there is between SUN and HEAT! There is sun in the Alps but no heat...

Anonymous said...

Being at home i believe will be very good..just being at home after 16 years.