Thursday, 17 April 2008

Water Babies

CassCass woke up this morning and called "Go to swimming pool!" So being the obliging parents that we are, we did! Bertie sacrificially agreed to go in the pool whilst I sat on the side with Baby JoJo in case he needed feeding. Sacrificial, because he hates the chlorine in the water (these people who grew up in the Caribbean Sea are so fussy!). The girls had a fantastic time, it was such fun watching the joy and excitement on their little faces. Bertie did a marvellous job keeping up with the two of them and being in many places at once! They particularly loved the little slide and jumping under the water then coming up spluttering and laughing! They are both full of confidence so I think they will get on marvellously in the West Indies, where I hope we will be able to teach them to swim properly.

The pool doesn't allow photography (won't be a problem at the beach!). However, in the interests of blogging, don't tell them, but I took a few discreetly...Dad's camera is definitely more discreet than my previous one was!

Needless to say, Baby JoJo didn't exert himself quite as much as the girls......oh, except to change position of course!

Such were their efforts that they slept for 2-3 hours this afternoon!

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juliettmann said...

Lovely to see them enjoying themselves!