Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Of Mice And Other Fears

Oh dear. As I sit and feed at the unearthly hour of 4am, I fear I just saw a mouse flit across the room. I do hope that it was just a figment of my imagination as i really don't like having mice in the house, and it would be about the fifth time! They can't crawl into moses baskets can they?

Which brought me to thinking of the things I am NOT looking forward to in Gwada, of which there is quite a list! It starts with not mice, but

mille-pattes (especially in the shower!)
driving on the left side
driving at all, surrounded by crazy dangerous drivers and unlit roads
continual heat
answering the phone in french (I shall train LissaLou to do this for me)
boudin and dombrey (black pudding and dumplings?)
pig's tail
being thousands of miles away from family and friends
traffic jams
having to take the car everywhere

I shall work on my looking forward to list shortly!

NB We had our six week check today, Baby JoJo and I. Not that he is six weeks yet, but there you go. It was a very long process (2 hours and I forgot to take a book!) but the results are we are fine, and JoJo has gone up to 4.7 kilos and 57.5 cm, with a really big head!

No sign of any mouse, hopefully it is safe to go to bed...


bachman said...

And you expect me (to be said with emphasis!) to come over - the heat alone will be a deterrent!!

Hevs said...

Er, I had better make the next list very persuasive!