Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Jojo and baby Luke

I was inspired by Esther's blog where she follows her daughter's growth with a giraffe. Not having one to hand, I opted for baby Luke instead, who is so similar in size to Jojo at the moment, that I often mistake one for the other! I will try and remember to do this monthly, but feel free to remind me if I don't!

Bertie made this black and white picture board for LissaLou when she was born (using a school maths book for inspiration!), saving us a few pounds on buying the equivalent. The girls loved looking at it and Jojo is following in their footsteps, as he gazes and even touches the different pictures whilst chilling out in his basket.


Anonymous said...

Great work of art!

Susan said...

Congratulations!!! Once again! Emmm ... I have got a card ... it's not managed to leave the house yet ... !! Hope we can see you soon though! We're really looking forward to meeting Jojo!

Susan said...

By the way, thanks for the card and photo! What a lovely family you have!