Wednesday, 16 April 2008

To Do

This blog is supposed to be about our journey plans, but not much has been happening on that side of things, as I have been too busy feeding, changing nappies, enjoying the holidays! However, here is an idea of all the things I should be doing. As I love writing things on my list I have already done just for the pleasure and satisfaction of crossing them off, I have included these in red! (tell me I am not alone in this habit?!)

Book flights
Book Eurostar tickets to France
Send LissaLou's application for maternelle (nursery) over
Allocate all our worldly goods to one of the following
- take with us (work out how!)
- store here (work out where!)
- chuck away
- recycle/give away (work out to whom!)
Cancel bills etc
Set up redirecting mail with post office
Bertie to send off his CV (near completion apparently)
Find some summer dresses for the girls (all the ones I have seen so far have too many layers)
Immunisations (Baby JoJo has his BCG this week)
Dentist (make the most of free treatment while we can!)
Optician (need some good sunglasses!)
Find out about changing our mobile networks
Get an ipod instead of taking all our CDs (debating this one still!)
Buy the game of Risk for Bertie's nephew out there - I promised him this about 6 years ago and he has never forgotten!
Buy mosquito nets

Well, that gives you an idea of the main things, no doubt there are many others that I haven't put. On the passport side, I shall permit myself another rant. I went to the Post Office last Friday and was parted with £53 for Baby JoJo's passport (£53??!!) and told that they were likely to not accept my choice of countersignatory. Grr!! The French passport, which you will remember is FREE for under 15s, doesn't require a signatory at all, and only one photo! So what is all the fuss about for ours? So far the only disadvantage of getting one I have had suggested by my dear readers is "loco Sarko"... Anyway, we shall wait and see if the application goes through.


juliettmann said...


juliettmann said...

testing again

juliettmann said...

I have had difficulty in getting my comments accepted so Dad tried a different route which worked, hence the two testings, so here goes for the real comment.
In the matter of lists Heather you are your Father's daughter, and I expect he'll take to technicolour now.
And to get the jobs done you can always delegate...
Who likes shopping and spending money, I wonder? - hint, hint:)

bachman said...

Writing down and crossing out items already done reminds me of someone who made the comment: "Are you one of those people who, when they go shopping with a list, when they check the list at the end, they write down something they had bought but had not originally put down - and then cross it out. And I thought, "Yep, that's me!" As you say, a lovely feeling!
No Despite what the g.l. says I have no plans to go technicolour!
One highly interesting item is your plan to 'Cancel bills' What a lovely thought."Sorry folks, I can't pay you 'cos I'm leaving the country for a year..." If only life was like that!!!! (Unless of course it's to us that the bills were to be paid.)

Hevs said...

Tee hee, I never thought of adding things to a list after buying them...genius! Cancel bills was a very vague term for all the admin, such as stopping elec, gas, flat, insurance, direct debits...and all the changes of address. Cant wait!
You offering to buy some nice dresses mum? You are on!

Susan said...

Red!!! That's a good idea! I like writing lists on my blog then gradually repeating the list as it gets shorter and disappears (as if that ever happens ... things keep getting added on!), but now I will need to experiment with changing the colour of my text!