Monday, 30 June 2008

26 Stops And Back

Friday saw us heading off to Heathrow to see Evie during a stopover as she travelled Hawaii - Chicago - London - Johannesburg. Wow, I'm tired just writing it! Mum and LissaLou went early to meet her off the plane, but their plans were foiled by United Airlines losing one of her bags. When she was finally let out, an impromptu shopping trip was necessary!

Dad and I had the pleasure of bringing CassCass and Baby JoJo the 26 stops on the Piccadilly Line and once we had mastered the lift system from the tube to the airport, and worked out where exactly all the rest of the family was, twas a very pleasant family reunion. Okay, so Evie was exhausted from 2 previous flights, LissaLou was exhausted from getting up so early, CassCass was exhausted from no afternoon nap...! (If you want to know just how tired Evie was - we didn't see her camera out once!)

We annexed four seats, settled ourselves there (to the amused looks of passers-by) and spent a couple of hours chatting, eating, and shouting "Girls! Get back here!" We survived the 26 stops back, then got the bus home - the highlight of which was someone letting off a stink bomb on it! How nice to be home again, and to have tea waiting on the table (thanks honey!).

Here is Tatie Evie being reacquainted with her growing nephew
Our Most Organised Mum came equipped with crunchy nut cornflakes for a late breakfast...

...and lentil bake for lunch!But nothing could rival Granpa's packet of crisps, for which the girls came a-begging
Then it was time for afternoon naps - no bed? No problem!
CassCass finally gave Tatie a hug - when she wanted a bit of hair!For some more photos, visit Mum's site here.

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bachman said...

My sympathy goes out to those benighted travellers held up by strikes. leaves on the runway (the wrong sort of course) and other dire emergencies which can keep them there for days...