Monday, 16 June 2008

Father's Day Fun

To honour this special person on this special day, we popped into see Dad on the way home from our church picnic. We got to enjoy the marvellous garden - the girls particularly loved the swing, ball pit and log cabin that the upstairs neighbour has installed for her daughter.
Dad bonded with his youngest grandchild
The beautiful Giulietta arrived at the end to show off her new John Rocha (no less!) dress...We had been intending to carry on our Mother's/Father's Day tradition of some patisseries at our preferred cafe on the way to church but Bertie gallantly spent his Father's Day morning preparing quiche and rolls for our church picnic so we delayed it till this morning. Armed with our vouchers for a free breakfast at Cafe Rouge (you can get them on Bonne Maman jam jars! Thanks to Eline for sending hers over to us!) we headed up to Highgate this morning...only to be told no availability. Hmph! However, no need to worry, we just picked up some patisseries and cherries in the local shop and had a lovely picnic in our local park instead!
Papa and his children (Papa et timoun-ay - I am practising my creole for our trip!)
We took LissaLou out of school for the day to enjoy her company - but by the end of the day and a LOT of non-stop chatter (now who does that remind me of?), I could see the advantage of her being at school...Oh, and she wanted me to write how beautiful she looks here!
CassCass in cousin Valerie's old dress (merci France-lise!)
Baby JoJo is now much more alert when we go out and will lie happily in our Phil and Ted buggy looking at the sky and his octopus - here is the view I have of him when I push the buggy!


bachman said...

This last photo reminds me that we haven't had any of LissaLou's view of the world some three feet below usadults for a while.

evie said...

I agree, give LissaLou the camera! I almost feel liike am pushing the buggy myself looking down at JoJo like that, what cute blue eyes he has!
Love Evie