Sunday, 1 June 2008

A Mini Sallies Reunion

I highly recommend leaving the country for an extended period as a great way of catching up on the folk you haven't seen for a while. If like me you work best with a deadline, there is nothing better to ensure you get your diary out and turn casual, "we must meet up" into actual dates! This weekend we caught up on two friends from my alma mater, both of whom had the pleasure of staying in the best of all the St Andrews halls, St Salvators. (Rings a bell? Some chap called William Windsor also went there, not at the same time though!)
We enjoyed a lovely lunch in the garden (BBC 5 day weather said heavy showers!) and had fun comparing the babies. Then we had a trip to their very nice local park.
Their little one was due after Baby JoJo but arrived early so is the elder by three weeks, however, fat boy that he is, Baby JoJo dwarfed her! She was much more alert than him too, which I am putting partly down to his natural sleepy nature, partly to the previous night's champagne!

Burkha baby!
Sleeping babes and smiling mums
LissaLou and CassCass chose their own clothes - and were twins for the day!
Bertie said that seeing CassCass run around at the top of this rather high and rather open structure put fear into his heart for the first time! Happily, there were no accidents and all the teeth are still intact. She was not pleased at having this photo taken though!

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