Monday, 30 June 2008

4 Weeks And Counting!

Yep, in four weeks time (and perhaps one hour) we will be sitting on the plane to Guadeloupe, very exciting! Although, having spent the day at an airport on Friday, I am not entirely looking forward to it....hopefully the girls will be a bit less tired and more cheerful!

So, how are you getting on in your preparations I hear you ask. In fact, I hear that question at least twice a day! No I haven't started packing yet - I have been trying to work out box sizes and how much is a cubit metre. I think I have got it figured so will order some this week. One website recommends not filling boxes with more than 30 kilos in weight so it is easy for those carrying it to do so carefully.

All the admin continues to get done. I have booked the ferry over for Bertie and our friend Lloyd who is kindly accompanying him and taking the car back. I have also got us some travel insurance. Did you know you could buy one way travel insurance? It covers not only the journey (in our case from 23 to 28 July) but also 17 days after...I can't quite see what is different from normal travel insurance! Apart from no return journey of course.

I have purchased a new driving licence, having lost YET AGAIN the paper version. It has all sorts of groovy security features and holographic pictures on it. But unfortunately the picture (now black and white) is awful. Oh dear!

The girls can't read this, so I can tell you that I have got them some new Thomas the tank engine trains for the journey. Molly, Skarloey, Donald and Gordon for anyone who is interested!

Bertie rang the airline to book a skycot and ended up making about 12 calls as it turns out ebookers had put our names wrongly on the tickets. All sorted hopefully.
LissaLou has been given a place at Bertie's old nursery so that is sorted.

Grrr...a seagull just visited our balcony and nudged two defrosting organic chicken breasts over into our neighbour's garden! That has never happened before!! I was just deliberating knocking on their door and asking for them back, when the same seagull swooped down after them...may be a chicken-free chicken curry tonight!

Well, plenty more to do but nice to see the list going down.


kirsty said...

Ooo, Hevs! We've got four weeks to go before our not so big move as well! I've been having little fantasies about Loretto having a vacancy for a French teacher in a year's time! Wouldn't that be fun! At the weekends, we could have day trips to St Andrews!

Thinking of you in the packing nightmare. My advice - save on bubble wrap, and use your towels ans soft-toys to rotect your crocery!

Hevs said...

Thanks for the advice - a roll of bubble wrap is £25 on one site, so towels definitely sound better! Bertie would be in heaven if he got to live next to such a golf course! He is already planning his visit up to yours as soon as we return!