Monday, 16 June 2008

Picnicking With The Brethren

This delightful little boy was one (already!) today, so we celebrated with a picnic after church in the local park
Food, fellowship and football were plentifulAdmittedly, we women didn't go anywhere near the football (or tennis or rugby or frisbee...) we just sat and chatted and kept an eye on...
...these lovely girls as they had a good run around! Getting them to stand still for this photo was no easy task!LissaLou is blessed at church with two friends who were born within two months of her. CassCass still misses her special friend Caitlyn, who celebrated two years this week in New Zealand - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAITLYN! However, she enjoyed running after the big girls and did a good job of keeping up with them!

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evie said...

I recognise that park!!! I hope it was more peaceful that the day Charis had her dedication:):)
Happy Birthday B and a Happy Birthday Caitlyn and big kisses too! Love Evie