Saturday, 14 June 2008

Fish 'n' Chips

I think I have revealed previously on this blog that LissaLou has a penchant for that great British tradition - fish and chips. Well, she put in a request for possibly our last meal of it before we set off to Guadeloupe (and enjoy fresh fish from the sea...maybe even caught ourselves!) (not to mention chips grown from potatoes in our own garden!) so we made a picnic of it and set off the Heath.

Scaring the birds away from our food
We didn't set off till quite late, so the toddler section (all enclosed, stops the little darlings making a run for it!) was very quiet - it was very like having our own big garden to play in! The girls demolished their food and then had a good play and chase. This was CassCass's first visit to the scene of her Tooth Disaster since the accident, so we were rather relieved that we all came back unscathed!
Daddy keeping an eye on CassCass and the slide...just in case!Baby JoJo gets his first taste of horseridingI love the way you can see all the family in this photo!Hmm, I don't think Baby JoJo was overly impressed with this camel ride!
He much preferred zooming to the moon! Look at that blue sky...!
It was a beautiful warm evening, and I am relishing the light evenings before we change to constantly seeing the sun set at 6pm. There are also tons of roses in bloom in our area, which makes walking along the streets a real sensory delight.


APE said...

Daddy had a nice time running after the crows and chasing the girls....all the ways are good to get back to fitness!

bachman said...

I see JoJo can hold his head up - something he's going to have to do a lot with these rumbustious sisters! And why the last time for f and c? Perhaps we should provide them on Saturday instead of fish fingers?

Hevs said...

Well, we may squeeze another in but they do have a scarily high calorific and fat content! I am looking forward to my potato pie on Saturday!!!