Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Always nice to have friends willing to venture up into north London, not least because it motivates me to clean the flat (and boy do I need that motivation at the moment!) but it is also great to see the difference in the girls when they are interacting with people on their own turf - they go craaaazy!

Trying to avoid the camera!

What a cutie! He beat LissaLou to the big wide world by 10 days (though she still tries to insist she is the eldest!)
Green-fingered trio Group hug
In honour of a long-anticipated visit from some church friends, Bertie provided us with a marvellous Sunday lunch - many thanks! It was his favourite Guadeloupean meal of accras and colombo, but this time he used a whole chicken for the colombo, which was delicious!

Finally holding Baby JoJo after three months of admiring him from afar!
I was worried that our house would prove uninteresting to this 8 yr old boy, but not only did he win Bertie's heart by eating two servings, he patiently played with the girls for hours......even when under attack!

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bachman said...

Shades of what awaits poor JoJo...!